State of Our State

How does Tennessee stack up? Now in its fourth year, ThinkTennessee’s State of Our State dashboard provides an at-a-glance look at how our state ranks nationally across 100 of the indicators that matter most.

As a presidential election year, 2020 marks an important civic milestone for the country. In Tennessee, we will also celebrate the 100th anniversary of our state’s deciding vote to ratify the 19th Amendment. Thanks to the leadership of the Tennesseans who came before us, that vote provided millions of women across the country access to the ballot box for the very first time.

This year more than ever, voters and elected officials alike want to see our state once again lead the nation. These rankings paint a picture of how our state is doing on the issues that affect Tennesseans’ daily lives – where we’re leading the way, and where we’ve fallen behind.

Interested in ideas about how to move our state forward from here? Our research shares success stories from other states and pragmatic recommendations for how Tennessee can continue to make progress.

Notes on Methodology:

For the sake of consistency, rankings have been standardized so low numbers always reflect positive outcomes. In other words, being ranked first is always better than being ranked fiftieth.

Metrics were compiled using publicly available data and are current as of Jan. 31, 2020. Where possible, we favored U.S. government data over other sources for consistency and reliability.

Some voting-related indicators will be updated throughout the year as newer information becomes available.

Electricity Prices

Air Pollution

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Energy Expenditures Per Capita

Leed Certified Buildings

Solar Energy Systems

Wind Energy Capacity